Admission procedure candidates with a non-italian degree


Applications need to be filed on-line following this linkFor any doubts or further request for information contact:

The application deadline is 30 June 2017.

Important ! CDSM has two curricula: Chemical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences. During the application each candidate has to select her/his preferred curriculum.

Important ! Candidates that want to concur for the positions reserved for candidates with a non-italian degree have to explicitly select this option during the application.

Two of the available positions (with scholarship) are reserved for students with a degree obtained at a non-Italian university. The eligibility criteria for candidates are:

  • the possession of an academic degree obtained at a non-Italian university after a program with a duration of at least 4 years which should permit access to a PhD-program in the country of origin. The validity check of the degree will be carried out by the admission committee of CDSM
  • Candidates need to provide the following documents:

1. A Curriculum Vitae. 
2. A certificate (released by the University or other competent authority) of the obtained academic degree that gives access to a PhD-program in the country of origin. The certificate should contain information on the title of the degree, the exams and the individual scores for each exam.
In case the candidate is not yet in the possession of the degree, she/he should provide a statement that the degree will be obtained by 30 September 2017.
In case the certificate is in another language than italian or english a translation in italian or english should be provided.
3. A document (released by the University or other competent authority) containing the list of exams and scores for each exam.
4. For candidates already in possession of a degree: a summary of the MSc-thesis (max. 4 pages). For candidates that will obtain the degree within 30 September 2017 : a summary of the MSc-thesis (max. 4 pages) signed by the supervisor. 
5. An original research project compatible with the research lines of the Departments of Chemical Sciences or Pharmaceutical Sciences. At this link an overview of available PhD-projects can be found. The candidates are strongly invited to contact the PI prior to the admission procedure.
6. A maximum of 2 letters of recommendation from italian or foreign researchers
7. (If available) Scientific publications. Only (already published) scientific publications indexed on ISI/Scopus will be considered. Meeting abstracts will not be considered.
8. (If available) Certificates useful for the assessment of the candidates' preparation (TOEFL, GRE, etc.)
9. (If available) Other certified information in support of the preparation of the candidate.
10. A Skype-address for the interview.

Admission procedure
The admission procedure for candidates that concur for these two grants is based on
1. Evaluation of the CV (max. 65 points)
2. Evaluation of the research project and reference letters (max. 25 points)
3. A (Skype-)interview (max. 10 points) which will take place on 28 July 2017 (for those candidates that passed the threshold of 63 points for the items listed under 1 and 2 )