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Congratulations to our post-doc fellow Chiara Nardon for the “Young Veneto Excellence Award” (Padova, Caffè Pedrocchi, 9 November 2013).

Prize motivation: for the biochemical researches carried out at the Karmanos Cancer Institute, Waine State University, Detroit, (USA) on groundbreaking anticancer Gold(III) compounds.

Our PhD student Giulia Boscutti presented her research work at

the PhD Forum of Molecular and Materials Sciences, 3-4 December 2013.

Congratulations on this significant achievement!!!



New papers:

1) C. Nardon, S.M. Schmitt, H. Yang, J. Zuo, D. Fregona and Q. P. Dou.“Gold(III)-dithiocarbamato Peptidomimetics in the Forefront of the Targeted Anticancer Therapy: Preclinical Studies against Human Breast Neoplasia”, PLOS ONE, 2013, just accepted.

2) C. Nardon, G. Boscutti and D. Fregona, “Beyond Platinums: Gold Complexes as Anticancer Agents”, Anticancer Research, 2013, just accepted

3) L. Ronconi, C. Nardon, G. Boscutti and D. Fregona “Perspective Gold(III)-Dithiocarbamato Anticancer Therapeutics: Learning from the Past, Moving to the Future”, Advances in Anticancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, 2013, Vol. 2, 130-172.

4) G. Boscutti, L. Marchiò, L. Ronconi and D. Fregona “Insights into the Reactivity of Gold–Dithiocarbamato Anticancer Agents toward Model Biomolecules by Using Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy”, Chem. Eur. J. 2013, 19, 13428 – 13436






Welcome to Nicolò  Pettenuzzo (BSc), new undergraduate MChem student: enjoy your stay with us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!