To contact the Department by phone dial: +39 049 8275285 or 5051  and ask for the person you are looking for. The main offices of the Department are located at the first floor of the 8-stories building of via Marzolo, 1 - 35131 Padova. Ask at the reception desk to get directions and the pass to reach the administration offices:

  • Department Head: Michele Maggini
  • Department Secretariat: Anna Modenato
  • Accounting Staff: Emanuela Andreose, Giulia Avitabile, Stefania Borin, Barbara Boscaro, Beatrice Bozzato, Silvia Guerzoni, Melania Brolis, Gessica Solin, Anna Voltolina
  • Research, technology and PhD Schools Staff: Daniela Longo, Anna Menna, Laura Paiola
  • Organization and secretary to the head Staff: Mara Del Maschio, Vanessa D’Epiro, Santo Martino, Nicoletta Tognon
  • Undergraduate courses Staff: Alessandra Sperti, Laura Cataldo, Carmen Mantovan, Roberta Dainese