Dott. Giacomo Saielli, Ph.D.

  Researcher, CNR Institute on Membrane Technology, Padova Unit
  and Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Padova.
  Via Marzolo, 1 - 35131, Padova Italy
  E-mail giacomo.saielli “chiocciola”
  Tel.: +39-049-8275279;
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Ionic Liquid Crystals (ILC), Ionic Liquids (IL) and Liquid Crystals (LC): synthesis and computer simulations. DFT prediction of NMR properties of natural substances, organic and organometallic systems.


- Metodi Fisici in Chimica Organica, Laurea Triennale in Biotecnologie, Università di Padova
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Sperimentale: Sintesi e caratterizzazione di nuovi cristalli liquidi ionici
Computazionale: Simulazioni al calcolatore di struttura e proprietà di cristalli liquidi ionici


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Guest Editor Special Issue on Ionic Liquid Crystals, journal Crystals of MDPI. Download banner (2018) — Visiting Scientist, CAS President's International Fellowship Initiative, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Beijing, China (2017) — Principal investigator, bilateral agreement CNR-CAS with prof. Y. Wang, ITP-CAS, Beijing, China (2017-2019) — MRSC, Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK (since 2016) — Associate Editor RSC Advances - Royal Society of Chemistry, UK (since 2015) — Principal investigator, bilateral agreement CNR-CAS with prof. Y. Wang, ITP-CAS, Beijing, Cina (2014-2016) — Twice recipient of the JGA award of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK: Osaka, Japan (2015) and Chicago IL, USA (2012) — Twice recipient of the STM grant of CNR: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA, USA (2013) and The SCRIPPS Research Institute, San Diego CA, USA (2010) — Post-doc, JSPS Fellowship, AIST, Tsukuba, Japan (2003) — Researcher, Istituto per la Tecnologia della Membrane, Sezione di Padova, già Centro Meccanismi Reazioni Organiche del CNR, Padova, Italy (2001) — Post-doc, TMR Fellowship, Department of Chemistry, University of Southampton, UK (1998-2000) — Ph.D. Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Padova, Italy (1998) — University degree Department of Chemistry and LENS, University of Florence, Italy (1994).




PUBLICATIONS (ISI ResearcherID, Google Scholar, ORCID, Scopus ID)

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