In 2001, Prof. Di Noto was Visiting Professor in the Physics Department, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, USA (prof. J.J Fontanella) and in the Physics Department, Hunter College of CUNY, NY, USA (prof. S. Greenbaum). In 2002 he was Visiting Professor in Japan, in the following laboratories: Department of Chemistry, Science University of Tokyo (prof. T. Furukawa); Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University (prof. S. Kohjiya); and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (prof. H. Ohno).

Research Projects                                                                                     

Prof. Di Noto is the coordinator of the following projects:

· ex 60% (from 1994 up today): Electroactive materials and polymer electrolytes for the conversion and the reversible storage of energy and for the development of sensors.
· PRIN 2008: Direct polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: synthesis and study in prototype cells of hybrid inorganic-organic membranes and electrode materials.

Prof. Vito Di Noto was the coordinator of the following projects:

· FISR 2003: Development of composite protonic membranes and of innovative electrodic configurations for polymer electrolyte fuel cells.
· FISR 1999: Electrolityc Materials and innovative electrodic systems for polymeric fuel cells.
· PRIN 2006: Direct methanol fuel cells for portable electronics. Synthesis and study in prototype cells of hybrid inorganic-organic membranes and electrode materials.
· PRIN 2004: Polymers and hydrogels based on inorganic-organic hybrids for electroactive and dielectric thin films.
· PRIN 2002: Synthesis of hybrid inorganic-organic thin films for sensors and studies with vibrational and broad-band dielectric spectroscopies of the correlations between the functionality and the molecular dynamics.
· PRIN 2000: Electrochemical, vibrational and morphological characterization of polymer-based films for the development of transducers and transistors for gas and vapour sensors.


Prof. Di Noto is author and co-author of over 165 publications, including papers on international “peer reviewed” journals and 17 patents.

Two of the papers published by prof. Di Noto in 1997 were reviewed by important international  divulgation journals:

· V. Di Noto, M. Mecozzi, Appl. Spectrosc., 51 (1997) 1294, reviewed by Photonics Spectra (February 1998);
· V. Di Noto, J. Mater. Res., 12 (1997) B393, reviewed by Platinum Metal Reviews (vol.42, (2), April 1998).

The journal “Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics” has dedicated the cover of Volume 203 of Year 2002 to the following publication of Prof. Di Noto’s: V. Di Noto et al., Macromol. Chem. Phys., 203 (2002) 354.

A complete list of Prof. Di Noto’s publications and presentations can be found here.

Professional Affiliations                                                                           

Prof. Di Noto is an active member of the
Electrochemical Society (ECS), of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) and of the American Chemical Society (ACS). He was invited to give lectures in foreign universities and international congresses (the complete list can be found here)

Prof. Vito Di Noto
General Information                                                                                   

Prof. Vito Di Noto was born in Piana degli Albanesi (PA) on February 6th, 1960, and was awarded a degree in Chemistry by the University of Padova in the Academic Year 1985/86 with full marks. He obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Padova in October 1992.
From 1992 to 2002 he was a researcher at the Department of Inorganic, Metallorganic and Analytical Chemistry of the University of Padova. Since October 2002 he is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry (SS CHIM03) at the Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Padova.

Scientific Collaborations                                                                           

In the late ‘80s Prof. Di Noto carried out research activities at the
Hamburg Synchrotron Laboratories (DESY) as a guest of Prof. H. G. Zachmann of the Macromolecular Chemistry Department. He has collaborated with qualified national industrial research laboratories such as Centro Ricerche Giulio Natta, Montell S.p.A. and ECP-Enichem Polimeri di Ferrara. Nowadays, he is collaborating in research projects with the following foreign research groups:

· Physics Department, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, USA (prof. J.J Fontanella)
· Physics Department, Hunter College of CUNY, NY, USA (prof. S. Greenbaum)
· Department of Chemistry, Tokyo University of Science (prof. T. Furukawa)
· Department of Biotechnology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (prof. H. Ohno)
· Department of Ceramics and Materials Engineering, Rutgers University, NJ, USA (prof. A. Safari and dr. M. Vittadello)
· Chemistry Department, Max Planck Institute for Solid-State Research, Stuttgart, Germany (prof. K. D. Kreuer)
· University of Grenoble, Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physical Chemistry of Materials and Interfaces, Grenoble, France (prof. J. Y. Sanchez)

He is a reviewer of the following international journals: Journal of the American Chemical Society, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, Inorganic Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Electrochimica Acta, Polymer, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry of Materials, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Surface and Coatings Technology, The International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Journal of Power Sources, Advanced Functional Materials, Energy and Environmental Science and Journal of Solid-state Electrochemistry.

Prof. Di Noto was also the Conference Chairman of the 12th International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes (ISPE-12), which was held in Padova between August 29th and September 3rd, 2010. He was also the Guest Editor for the Special Issues of the international journals Electrochimica Acta and The International Journal of Hydrogen Energy dedicated to ISPE-12.

He was a referee in the evaluations of international scientific projects of the following institutions:
· German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development
· American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund

Research Activity                                                                                       

In the past, the research activity of prof. Di Noto has been concerned mainly with the following fields:

· Ziegler-Natta heterogeneous catalysis for olefin polymerization processes
· Development and applications of models and methods for ion-macromolecules interaction studies

Currently, the research activity of Prof. Di Noto is focused on the synthesis and the studies of the structure, relaxation phenomena and electrochemistry of ion-conducting, dielectric and electrode  materials for the development of:

·  Primary and secondary batteries
·  Fuel cells
·  Electrolysers
·  Solar Cells
·  Supercapacitors
·  Electrochemical sensors
·  Photo-electrochemical devices
·  Actuators

A complete description of Prof. Di Noto’s research activity can be found here.


· "Premio Focus 2000 Speciale" from the Italian scientific center "Alessandro Volta" for the development of magnesium batteries (9 May 2000).
· From the University of Padova "Premio Alceste Mion 2000" for the chemical researches in the field of polymer electrolytes.

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