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MISCHA (MIcrofluidics laboratory for Scientific and tecHnological Applications) is a research facility at the Università degli Studi di Padova aimed at: (i) setting up an unified scientific framework for fabrication, characterization and modelling of microfluidic devices (MFDs) by (ii) housing a MF laboratory (MFL) in Padova, for experiments, theory, numerical studies and applications and (iii) designing and testing innovative MFDs for chemical syntheses and applications in the biomedical fields.

The MFL in Padova will guarantee the conditions for carrying on fundamental and applied research on MF, training young researchers, andachieving technology transfer to local industry, with the perspective to engage this scientific community in a strategic research area that lies at the interfaces between the Physical Sciences, Biology and Medicine. The strength of the project lies in joining together all the needed expertises to achieve its goal through a strong interdisciplinary effort. Microfluidics (MF) is defined as the science and technology of devices that process small amounts of fluids (10-6-10-9 litres) by means of channels with dimensions of tens of micrometers. It allows, potentially, for an automation of chemistry, biology and diagnostics. It is also making the leap into industry as a new key technology for several applications aiming at cleaner, safer and more efficient reactions with increased throughput. The vast potential of MF in many fields, related to fundamental and applied research, has to face general challenges both in the construction of devices as well as the control of fluids.


Examples include the development of new materials for the fabrication of devices with suitably tailored properties, advanced techniques for surface patterning, analytical tools with enhanced sensitivity and accuracy, modelling tools based on multiscale approaches and the improvement of integrated microfluidic platforms. MISCHA will pursue the following roadmap:

  • setting the new laboratory within the Department of Chemical Sciences of the U. of Padova in order to host personnel and collect the equipment already available and the instrumentation that will be purchased
  • integrate computing facilities to exploit the sophisticated modeling tools available among the participants
  • exploit fabrication techniques to develop original MFDs
  • arrange and fit to microflow configuration proper characterization techniques available within the participants
  • integrate MFDs with chipsets to acquire data or trigger reversibly a proper stimulus At MISCHA, the study of fluidic phenomena will be carried out with a fabrication and characterization control at nano scale, i.e. at the scale where the most interesting phenomena of fluid/surface interaction typically occur.
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