Università di Padova
Cariparo Fundation

Project coordinator: prof. Michele Maggini
Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche -Via Marzolo 1, I-35131 Padova, Italy
e-mail: michele.maggini@unipd.it
web: ~ /michele_maggini/biography.html
Tel. : +39 049 8275662
Workpackage managers
Fabrication and functionalization of MFDs : prof. Giampaolo Mistura
e-mail: giampaolo.mistura@unipd.it
web: lafsi.fisica.unipd.it
Tel.: +39 049 8277020
Characterization and development of MFDs : prof. Camilla Ferrante
e-mail: camilla.ferrante@unipd.it
web: ~ /camilla.ferrante/pubblica/
Tel.: +39 049 8275148
Description and modelling of MFDs: prof. Antonino Polimeno
e-mail: antonino.polimeno@unipd.it
web: ~ /antonino.polimeno/pubblica/
Tel.: +39 049 8275146
Permanent staff
  Area of expertise

Lidia Armelao

Sol-gel synthesis, characterization with XPS, AFM, SEM

Tommaso Carofiglio

Organic synthesis in MFDs, optical sensors, microfabrication of MFDs

Diego Frezzato

Modelling of nanoflows, multiscale approaches

Matteo Pierno

Microfabrication of MFDs, fluorescence imaging of flows in MFDs

Cinzia Sada

Fluorescence imaging of flows in MFDs

Paolo Canu

Multiphase reacting flows

Andrea Santomaso

Multiphase flow

Alessandro Paccagnella

Design, electrical characterization and modelling of microelectronic devices

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