Università di Padova
Cariparo Fundation

Project coordinator: prof. Michele Maggini
Workpackage managers
Fabrication and functionalization of MFDs : prof. Giampaolo Mistura
Characterization and development of MFDs : prof. Camilla Ferrante
Description and modelling of MFDs: prof. Antonino Polimeno

The Project Coordinator (PC) will coordinate the project planning, research progresses and reports, budgetary overviews and interconnections among MISCHA participants. He is responsible of the communication strategies of the project as well, in order to keep all MISCHA participants informed about scientific, technical and financial status of the project. He is advised by all MISCHA participants and assisted by the Work Package Managers.
Workpackage Managers (WPM) are in charge to coordinate and overview the different tasks of a specific work package. The main duty is to evaluate the results achieved within a WP, verify the agreement with the deliverables and, if necessary, re-address the tasks partially.

Meetings or informal contacts among PC and WPMs will be scheduled every two months A minute will be released and diffused through the project web site. Every six months WPMs will report about technical progresses and the status of the milestone achievements. Reports will be distributed via e-mail and published in the web site. A cost check is scheduled every 12 months.In order to examine the project advances and improve cooperation, several meetings will be organized:

  1. kick-off meeting: this is an open meeting that will also promote the establishment of MISCHA. At this meeting a responsible for the project website creation and maintenance will be selected. She/He will also be in charge to collect all data about reports, publications, patents, and overview the organization of MISCHA meetings and workshops
  2. 6th and 12th months meetings: these meetings are organized by WPMs to address specific tasks within each WP and check the status of common activities among WPs;
  3. mid-term meeting: MISCHA participants will assess the state of the project; decisions will be taken about changes to be eventually addressed in the project;
  4. 26th and 31th months meetings (to be held similarly to previous 6th and 12th m. meetings);
  5. 36th months final meeting: final workshop for the dissemination of the results.



MISCHA management will assures an integrated environment for multisciplinary researches aimed at developing novel MFDs for chemical applications




Surface inertization and functionalization

Surface functionalization of sol-gel coatings

Nanofabrication of MFDs

Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

SERS techniques with metallic NPs and in MFDs

Modelling of surface/fluid interactions via QM methods

Molecular dynamics approaches

Multiscale modelling

Fabrication of MR in NOA

Fabrication of glass MR

Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy


Fabrication of MFDs for electroporation studies

Electric characterization

Manipulation of supramolecular aggregates in MFDs

Electrical modelling of vesicles during and after electroporation


Particle image velocimetry

Continuum (hydrodynamic) approaches

Multiscale modelling

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