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Prof. Bagno graduated in chemistry at the University of Padova in 1981, and in 1985 joined the National Research Council (CNR) as researcher until 2002, where he was appointed Full Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Padova. In 1989 he had a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA, with G. A. Olah, where he was also a visiting professor in 2009. His research interests are NMR spectroscopy, including heteronuclear magnetic resonance, computational chemistry and physical organic chemistry.



Dr. G. Saielli graduated in Chemistry in 1994 from the University of Florence, Italy. He obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1998 from the University of Padova, Italy. After a two-years post-doc position at the University of Southampton (UK), he returned in Padova as a researcher at the CNR Institute on Membrane Technology, Padova Unit.


Federico Rastrelli

Federico Rastrelli graudated in Chemistry in 2000 and spent one year working at the Area Science Park in Trieste. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2005 and became Assistant Professor in 2006 at the Department of Chemcal Sciences of Padova University.




Dr. Girolamo Casella graduated in Chemistry in 2000 from the University of Palermo, Italy. From July 2001 to June 2004 he was a Ph. D. student at the University of Palermo and his received his Ph.D. degree in January 2005. From 2002 to 2004, he also spent several periods at the University of Padova. From October to December 2003 he was hosted at the Dalhousie University in Halifax (NS, Canada). From August 2004 to September 2006 Dr. Casella got a post-doc position at the University of Palermo. From September 2006 he is “Assistant professor/Researcher” at the University of Palermo.

Graduate and Postgraduate



Andrea Borgogno, born in Trento 28/07/1981, diploma in Chemistry technician at ITI Buonarroti (TN) in 2000, Degree in Pharmacy and industrial pharmacy at University of Padova 2008 with a thesis on peptide syntesis and characterization, peptide-protein interaction protein expression.PhD in Chemistry at University of Padova in 2012 in chiral liquid crystal field, computational techniques (MD, Monte Carlo, QM) and NMR experiments (Paris France Dott. Philippe Lesot). Since 2012 Post Doctoral fellowship at University of Padova on prediction of NMR spectra of transition metals spin-crossover complexes.