Available PhD-projects 2018

On this page potential research projects for PhD-students are presented to provide an overview of the research that takes place within the Graduate Course in Molecular Sciences. The projects have been written for the 2017-call by members of the Collegio dei Docenti or affiliated PIs that are interested in supervising a PhD-student. Candidates that are interested in one of the research projects described in this document are strongly invited to contact the respective PI prior to the admission procedure and express their interest.

A document (PDF) containing a complete list of all projects can be downloaded here.


Curriculum: Chemical Sciences


BERGANTINO Elisabetta (download)
Discovering, studying and engineering enzymes for biocatalysis

Analytical chemistry

BOGIALLI Sara (download)
Toxic algal metabolites in the North Adriatic Sea: identification, risk assessment and early warning systems

DI MARCO Valerio (download)
Silver(I)-chelator complexes for the development of new radiopharmaceuti-cals: identification and synthesis of chelators, and thermodynamic and ki-netic studies of complex formation and disruption (IsolPharm-Ag)

GIORIO CHIARA (download)
Terrestrial and marine biomarkers in ice cores: new analytical methods, long range transports and paleoclimatic information

TAPPARO Andrea (download)
Metal-ligand complexes in atmospheric particles: formation processes, proper-ties and relevance for public health in urban environment

Physical chemistry

ABDIRISAK Ahmed Isse (download)
Study of the activation process in atom transfer radical polymerization

ANTONELLO Sabrina(download)
Gold nanoclusters as electronic noses

CARBONERA Donatella (download)
Assembly of Iron sulfur proteins

COLLINI Elisabetta(download)
Ultrafast dynamic characterization of energy transfer in multichromophoric systems

CORNI Stefano(download)
Multiscale simulations of protein-surface and protein-nanoparticle interactions

DI VALENTIN Marilena(download)
Innovative spin labels for  high-sensitivity distance measurements in proteins by advanced EPR spectroscopy

DURANTE Christian (download)
Platinum free electrocatalysts based on Fe-Nx modified mesoporous carbon as cathodic material in proton exchange membrane fuel cell

FERRANTE Camilla (download)
Dynamics of protein corona formation on inorganic nanoparticles investigated with time resolved fluorescence techniques in microfluidic devices

FERRARINI Alberta (download)
Emergence and amplification of chirality in self-assembling systems: theory and simulations

FRANCO Lorenzo (download)
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance investigation on new generation organic and hybrid electronic materials

FREZZATO Diego (download)
Chemical reaction networks: stochastic kinetics, probabilistic view of mass-action rate equations, and dimensional reduction strategies

GENNARO Armando (download)
Electrochemically mediated atom transfer radical polymerization for the development of advanced materials for energy conversion and storage

MORO Giorgio (download)
Molecules and quantum pure states: statistical models of dynamics and thermodynamics at the nanoscale

ORIAN Laura (download)
REBEL (REdox state role in Bio-inspired ELementary reactions)

POLIMENO Antonino, ZERBETTO Mirco (download)
Stochastic Approaches to LargE Molecules (SALEM)

Organic chemistry

BATTISTUTTA Roberto (download)
How a molecular motor works: deciphering the molecular bases of the hearing process in mammals

BONCHIO Marcella (download)
Stereoselective Organocatalytic CO2 Fixation

CARRARO Mauro (download)
Valorization of renewable feedstocks by metal nanocatalysts

FORMAGGIO Fernando (download)
Tumor-targeting peptidomimetics: synthesis and bio-medical applications

GOBBO Marina (download)
Targeted nanoprobes for imaging and dual mode therapy

LICINI Giulia (download)
Catalyst Design for Innovative Sustainable Chemical Transformations

MANCIN Fabrizio (download)
Rational design of nanoreceptors for sensing and molecular bio-trafficking

MAROTTA Ester (download)
Cold plasma activation of microalgal growth

MENNA Enzo(download)
Carbon nanostructure derivatives for solar energy conversion

MORETTO Alessandro (download)
Photo-flexible molecules to target neurodegenerative diseases [FlexMol]

PARADISI Cristina (download)
Design and synthesis of mitochondria-targeted molecular probes to report on or manipulate mitochondrial function and dysfunction

PEGGION Cristina (download)
Development of new therapeutic textiles through green chemical methods

PRINS Leonard (download)
Spatiotemporal control over supramolecular systems using light

RASTRELLI Federico (download)
Chromatographic NMR of complex matrices

SARTOREL Andrea (download)
Bioinspired catalysis for artificial photosynthesis

SCRIMIN Paolo (download)
Cooperative nanosystems: from catalysis to nanomedicine

ZONTA Cristiano (download)
Supramolecular Catalysis within Confined Systems

Inorganic chemistry

ARMELAO Lidia (download)
Development of new luminescent thermometers

GROSS Silvia (download)
Crystallisation of inorganic nanostructures under confinement

SAMBI Mauro (download)
On-Surface Synthesis of Functional Nanomaterials
TUBARO Cristina, BIFFIS Andrea (download)
Gold(I,III) complexes with N-heterocyclic carbene ligands for catalytic, bio-medical and luminescence applications

ZECCA Marco, CENTOMO Paolo (download)
Mesoporous polymer catalysts for heterogeneous catalysis

Curriculum: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical sciences

CHILIN Adriana (download)
New generation trimethylangelicin (TMA) analogues for selective modula-tion of defective CFTR or inflammation

DALLA VIA Lisa (download)
Novel anticancer strategies to fight drug resistance

DOLMELLA Alessandro (download)
Metal-based Radiopharmaceuticals

GANDIN Valentina (download)
Development of target-specific metallodrugs

GATTO Barbara (download)
Nucleic Acids Alkylation by Bis-chloropiperidines

MARZARO Giovanni (download)
Dual kinase/HDAC inhibitors for cancer treatment

MORO Stefano (download)
New computational methodologies in inspecting ligand-receptor recognition pathways: a valuable strategy to speed up the identification of drug candidates.

SISSI Claudia (download)
Non-canonical nucleic acid structure: foldings, functions and small molecule targeting

Pharmaceutical technology

CALICETI Paolo (download)
Smart nanocarriers for oligonucleotide delivery

PASUT Gianfranco (download)
Targeted delivery of anticancer drugs by antibodies

POLVERINO DE LAURETO Patrizia (download)
Molecular basis of the interaction between α-synuclein and compounds with anti-fibrillogenic properties

SALMASO Stefano (download)
Programmed drug nanovehicles for enhanced site-selective anticancer therapy