Instruction for Students

Career development plan and verification procedures of the SIMN Course
The Executive Board will appoint a Supervisor for each PhD student enrolled in the SIMN Course, taking into account what proposed by the student himself. The Supervisor is entrusted with both the career development plan and tutoring the student in the research activity until the elaboration of the thesis.

The Executive Board will evaluate the proposed individual plan for each student to make sure it provides the student with the skills needed for carring out high quality research activities. The training plan should include the achievement of the scientific knowledge of the candidate, by attending both general courses, missing from the student’s curriculum, and advanced courses, specifically designed for PhD students, requiring the passing of a final exam. The Executive Board approves the plan.

At the end of each year, the Executive Board shall verify the research results through the discussion with a Monitoring Committee appointed ad hoc for each cycle of the PhD Course.
Teaching programme
For details on the teaching programme, see point “Rules”.

Fulfillments of PhD students
30 days before the end of the academic year the student must deliver to the Coordinator the documents (Word Format) declaring the learning activities (lectures and seminars, indicating the activity, hours, the period ...).
30 days before the end of the academic year students must send to the Coordinator a report on research carried out in the year, always in Word format.

Regarding the dimension of the report, the following rules apply:
-for students at the end of the first year: a short report (max 3 pages) with the identification of the problem and the first results.
-for students at the end of the second year: a report (max 6 pages) with an illustration of the most significant results.

It is the responsibility of the student to ask the Supervisor for providing the Coordinator with a word file stating he/she have read the scientific report, agrees with the conclusion and giving a synthetic judgment on the work performed.
At the end of the second year, students are required to discuss the results of their research giving a seminar of about 20 minutes. All students of the SIMN course are invited to attend the seminar session.

Students at the end of the third year must submit a report on the thesis (see template in Annex 1) within 30 days before the end of the academic year. They will also discuss their results with the assigned Monitoring Committee and give a public seminar of about 25 minutes on the most relevant results of their research.  Executive Board will decide whether to admit the student to the final exam on the basis of the report and on the feedback of the Monitoring Committee.

Funds available for students
An annual pro-capite budget allocation (deposited with the Department managing the SIMN course) will be provided for covering possible travel costs for specific training and dissemination of the results. Expenses for normal research activities (equipment and consumables for research, travel costs for research activities related to the thesis work ...) have to be covered by the funds of the Supervisor.

Annex 1
Report template
Give the exact title of the Thesis
Short framework of the state of the art
Methodology used
Most relevant results
List of Publications
Abroad research Periods

All must be in a maximum of 4-5 pages.