II-1 – Low-dimensional ionic and mixed ionic/electronic conductor nanostructures


Organizers: Nini Pryds (Technical University of Denmark), Vincenzo Esposito (Technical University of Denmark), Jennifer Rupp (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), William Chueh (Stanford University), Stephen Skinner (Imperial College, London), Matthew Rosseinsky (University of Liverpool).

Monica Burriel

LMGP Laboratory, Grenoble, France

Mónica Burriel is a CNRS Research Scientist in the LMGP Laboratory in Grenoble, France. After carrying out her PhD in the ICMAB Institute (Barcelona), she worked in the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Imperial College London and Catalonia Institute for Energy Research. Her research on thin films for electrochemical and memristive devices focuses on the deposition, structure/microstructure control and optimization of the electronic and ionic transport in functional oxides.