II-3 – The science and technology of 2D materials


Organizers: Francesco Bonaccorso (Italian Institute of Technology), Stephan Roche (Institut Catlalà of Nanoscience), Mark Hersam (Northwestern University), Xinliang Feng (Technische Universität Dresden), Vittorio Pellegrini (Italian Institute of Technology), Clare Grey (University of Cambridge), Teofilo Rojo (CIC EnergiGUNE).

Goki Eda

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Dr. Eda is an Assistant Professor of Physics and Chemistry Departments at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He also holds joint appointments in the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials (CA2DM) and the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) at NUS. He is a recipient of the Singapore National Academy of Science Young Scientist, University Young Researcher, and IPS Omicron Nanotechnology Awards.