IV-2 - Advances in High Spatial Resolution Probing of Local Heterogeneities in Ion Conducting Materials


Organizers: Peter Crozier (Arizona State University), David McComb (Ohio State University), Y. Shirley Meng (University of California, San Diego), M. Stanley Whittingham (Binghamton University).

David McComb

Ohio State University, USA

David William McComb is an Ohio Research Scholar, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, and Director of the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS) at The Ohio State University. David is an expert in the development and application of electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) as a sub-nanometre scale probe of chemistry, structure and bonding. He has extensive experience in the application of EELS to the study of problems in solid-state chemistry and materials science including structural and compositional variations in high-k oxides, short range magnetic order in transition metal oxides, interfaces in fuel cells, photovoltaics, multiferroics and biomaterials.