IV-5 – Transport in Morphologically Heterogeneous Porous Media: Advancing Characterization from In-Situ to In-Operando


Organizers: Iryna Zenyuk (Tufts University), Svitlana Pylypenko (Colorado School of Mines).

Aimy Bazylak

University of Toronto, Canada

Prof. Aimy Bazylak is the Canada Research Chair in Thermofluidics for Clean Energy; Director of the University of Toronto Institute for Sustainable Energy; Associate Director of the NSERC CREATE Program in Distributed Generation for Remote Communities; and an Associate Professor in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering. Her research is focused on studying microscale and nanoscale materials for tailored heat and mass transport for clean energy for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells and electrolyzers. In 2014 she became a Fellow of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering and, she was recognized as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow in Germany in 2015.