I-10 – Multi-functional oxide nanomaterials: from design to advanced applications


Organizers: Davide Barreca (CNR-ICMATE), Chiara Maccato (University of Padua), Andrea Illiberi (Solliance/TNO), Teresa Andreu (Catalonia Institute for Energy Research), Harish Parala (Ruhr-University Bochum), Juan Ramón Morante (Catalonia Institute for Energy Research), Fred Roozeboom (Eindhoven University of Technology), André ten Elshof (University of Twente), Anjana Devi (Ruhr-University Bochum), Urska Lavrencic Stangar (University of Ljubljana), Luis Sánchez (Córdoba University), Martyn E. Pemble (University College Cork), Paolo Fornasiero (CNR-ICCOM), Alberto Gasparotto (University of Padua), Ettore Fois (University of Insubria).

Renata Solarska

University of Warsaw, Warsaw • Centre of New Technologies, Poland

Renata Solarska is an assistant professor in the Center of New Technology at University of Warsaw. She received her PhD degree in Chemistry from University of Geneva in 2006 and since then she has been involved in different initiatives and research devoted to nanostructured materials and their use for energy harvesting, conversion and environmental approaches. She has nearly two decades of expertise in electrochemistry, followed by photoelectrochemistry and photophysiscs of semiconductor, metals and hybrid nanostructures.