I-11 – Functional metal oxide interfaces in efficient electrochemical energy conversion, biomass conversion and charge storage systems


Organizers: Pawel Kulesza (University of Warsaw), Nicolas Alonso-Vante (Université de Poitiers), R. John Errington (Newcastle University).

Piotr Zelenay

Los Alamos Laboratory, USA

Piotr Zelenay received his Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees in chemistry from the University of Warsaw, Poland, and professor-in-chemistry title from the President of Poland. He was associated with the University of Warsaw for many years until accepting research position with Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA in 1997. He is currently Los Alamos Laboratory Fellow and the Fellow of Electrochemical Society, focusing primarily on fundamental and applied aspects of polymer electrolyte fuel cell science and technology, electrocatalysis and electrode kinetics.