I-2 – Advanced Lithium and Sodium Battery Electrode Materials


Organizers: Cristina Tealdi (University of Pavia), Stefano Passerini (Helmholtz Institute Ulm), Craig Fisher (Japan Fine Ceramics Center).

Maria Forsyth

Deakin University, Australia

Professor Maria Forsyth is Chair of Electromaterials and Corrosion Science at Deakin University, Australia. Her research area informs the broad field of electromaterials science with application to both corrosion and energy related technologies. One key interest of her research is in the area of selective transport in materials, such as solid electrolytes for energy storage applications. Specifically, her work has focused on understanding the phenomenon of charge transport at metal/electrolyte interfaces and within novel electrolyte materials. Such materials have included a range of novel ionic liquids, polymer electrolytes and plastic crystals. She leads collaborative projects in lithium and sodium battery technologies funded through recent Australian Research Council grants. Professor Forsyth is a co-author of over 400 journal publications. She has delivered more than 20 invited and plenary talks in the past 5 years and currently has more than 17000 citations with an h index of 67 (Web of Science March 2017). She is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences and an Alfred Deakin Professorial Fellow at Deakin University, as well as the Associate Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES).