I-3 – All Solid-State Batteries


Organizers: Jürgen Janek (Justus-Liebig University), Jennifer Rupp (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Yasutoshi Iriyama (Nagoya University).

Miaofang Chi

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Miaofang Chi currently is a staff scientist at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). She received her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from University of California, Davis in 2008, and M.S. from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003. Prior to joining ORNL in 2008, she was a research fellow at Lawrence Livermore National laboratory (2006-2008) and was a visiting scholar at the National Center for Electron Microscopy at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2004-2006). Her primary research interest lies in the development and application of novel electron microscopy techniques for energy materials, especially on analytical functional imaging and atomic-scale in situ electron microscopy for novel battery materials and fuel cell catalysts. She has over 120 peer-reviewed journal publications with more than 4500 citations. She was awarded the Lawrence Graduate Research Fellowship in 2006, the Distinguished Scholar Award by the Microanalysis Society in 2007, and the significant event awards at ORNL (2014, 2016). She received the ORNL Director’s Award for Outstanding Individual Accomplishment in Science and Technology (2015) and the ORNL’s Early Career Research Award (2015). Recently, she was awarded the Burton Metal by the Microscopy Society of America (2016).