I-4 – Ionics in “open” batteries (redox flow batteries)


Organizers: Thomas Zawodzinski (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Silvia Licoccia (University of Rome "Tor Vergata"), Massimo Guarnieri (University of Padua), Jusef Hassoun (University of Ferrara).

Gabriel A. Goenaga

University of Tennessee, USA

Gabriel A. Goenaga is a Senior Research Associate working in the Zawodzinski’s group at the University of Tennessee, Chemical Engineering department. His research interests are the study of membranes and electrodes for vanadium redox flow batteries, and pgm-free catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction. His recent work in flow batteries has focused on characterizing properties of RFB membranes under different pretreatment conditions to determine the effect on conductivity, acid, water and vanadium uptake.