I-5 – Polymer electrolyte ionomers: advances in cation- and anion-exchange membranes and ion conduction


Organizers: Andrew Herring (Colorado School of Mines), Michael Hickner (The Pennsylvania State University), Peter Pintauro (Vanderbilt University), Vito Di Noto (University of Padua), Patric Jannasch (Lund University).

Jean-Yves Sanchez

LEPMI, France

Physical Chemistry PhD & DR Ès-sciences Montpellier 1972/1981, post-doc on electron/ion-conducting polymers, he spent 11 YRS in Algiers for teaching & research. A Pr. then F Pr. at Grenoble he got the highest French position in 2014. E.U Excellence Chair, then F Pr. at Uc3M Madrid his activity, from molecule to process, led to 33 PhD, 140 papers, 47 Ext.Patents, in battery & F. Cell electrolytes.