I-5 – Polymer electrolyte ionomers: advances in cation- and anion-exchange membranes and ion conduction


Organizers: Andrew Herring (Colorado School of Mines), Michael Hickner (The Pennsylvania State University), Peter Pintauro (Vanderbilt University), Vito Di Noto (University of Padua), Patric Jannasch (Lund University).

Michael Guiver

Tianjin University, PRC

In 1988, Michael D. Guiver obtained his PhD in polymer chemistry. 2009-present, Editor, Journal of Membrane Science. 1987-2014, scientist at the National Research Council Canada. 2009-2013, WCU distinguished visiting professor at Hanyang University, Korea; 2009-present, now a BK21-Plus visiting professor. 2014-present, a National 1000-Plan Foreign Experts professor at Tianjin University, China.