I-6 – High-temperature proton-conducting polymer membranes


Organizers: Piercarlo Mustarelli (University of Pavia), Werner Lehnert (Forschungszentrum Juelich), Andrew Herring (Colorado School of Mines).

Jochen Kerres

Universität Stuttgart, Germany

A. Professional Preparation 1980-1983 Basic Studies Chemistry (Grade: Pre-Diploma 1983) 1983-1987 Advanced Studies Chemistry (Grade: Diploma 1987) 1088-1991 PhD thesis (Membrane Sci.), Fraunhofer Institute for Interface and Biotechnology (Grade: PhD University of Stuttgart, 1991) B. Professional Activities: 1991-2002 Postdoc, University of Stuttgart, Institute of Chemical Process Engineering Since 2002 Leader of Departement “Polymer and Membrane Development” at the Institute of Chemical Process Engineeering C. Research Topics R&D on low-T cation-exchange, low-T anion-exchange and intermediate-T cation-exchange polymers and membranes for applications such as fuel cells, electrolysis and redox-flow batteries