I-8 – Ceramic Proton and Hydride Ion Conductors


Organizers: Truls Norby (University of Oslo, Norway); Tor Svendsen Bjørheim (University of Oslo, Norway); Hiroshige Matsumoto (Kyushu University, Japan); Ryan O’Hayre (Colorado School of Mines, USA).

Genki Kobayashi

Institute for Molecular Science, Japan

Genki Kobayashi is now a Res. Assoc. Prof. of Institute for Molecular Science, investigating materials for energy storage and conversion. He received his D.Sc. from Tokyo Tech (2010). After a postdoc career at Tokyo Tech, he joined Kanagawa University as an Asst. Prof. (2011). He also served additional post of PRESTO PI at JST. His current research focuses on hydride ion conduction in solids.