I-8 – Ceramic Proton and Hydride Ion Conductors


Organizers: Truls Norby (University of Oslo, Norway); Tor Svendsen Bjørheim (University of Oslo, Norway); Hiroshige Matsumoto (Kyushu University, Japan); Ryan O’Hayre (Colorado School of Mines, USA).

Guilhem Dezanneau

Ecole Centrale Paris, France

Dr. Guilhem Dezanneau (France, 1973) is permanent CNRS researcher and heads the Laboratory Structures, Properties and Modeling of Solids at CentraleSupelec/CNRS (www.spms.ecp.fr). His main activity concerns the theoretical and experimental study of functional oxides, in particular for Solid Oxide Cells. He has a wide experience in electrical measurements applied to ion-conducting compounds and has also an expertise in the use of DFT and molecular dynamics methods.