Exhibitors at SSI-21


BRETON S.p.A / Electrochemical Division


Fabio Bassetto


Via Garibaldi 27

31030 Castello di Godego


phone: +39 0423 7691 (switchboard)


Breton is an engineering company with headquarter in the north of Italy. Breton and its subsidiaries count 780 employees distributed in several countries. Its major divisions are: fabrication of machines and plants for natural and engineered stone; production of advanced ceramic materials; fabrication of machine tools for metals. The R&D Centre carries out the activities of development of new materials and technologies linked to the main divisions, thanks to a fully equipped laboratory. The Electrochemical Division (ED) is a branch of R&D Centre and has started the activities of industrial research on high performance materials for storage and conversion of energy. Main activities are devoted to the development of: solid electrolytes for solid-state lithium ion battery, electrocatalysts for the electrode reactions of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) and electrolyzers, fabrication of research membrane electrode assembly (MEA). ED is involved to the Graphene Flagship managed by European Community for the realization of functionalized graphene, as improvement over conventional carbon support for catalysts.