Exhibitors at SSI-21


CINEL s.r.l.


Mattia Prevedello


Via Andreon, 5

35010 Vigonza (PD)


phone: +39 049 725022


CINEL was founded in Padua in the 70’s with a technical partnership of INFN LNL Legnaro Laboratory on particle accelerator projects and since the beginning has been involved in some of the most challenging projects all over Europe.

Nowadays, CINEL has reached a long experience on mechanical design and manufacture of apparatuses in several scientific and research fields such as Synchrotron Light Sources, as well as Particle Accelerator Components. In the beginning of the 2000’s CINEL started designing and manufacturing accessories for analytical instruments such us laboratory gas generators. CINEL has developed in partnership with the Chemical Science Department of Padua’s University, a new high-purity hydrogen generator having purity parameter P>99,99999%. The production of very pure hydrogen is based on a patented (International Patent) innovative electrolytic cell using PEM technology.