Exhibitors at SSI-21




Tobias Huber


TU Wien

Getreidemarkt 9 / CTA164-EC

1060 Vienna


phone: +43-1-58801-15876


Huber Scientific develops novel experimental setups and solutions enabling top-end research in the fields of electrochemistry and Solid State Ionics. Our innovative setups enable completely new experiments by combination of different, complementary methods such as voltage driven tracer exchange, homogeneously heated microelectrodes and characterization of symmetric cells with an optional solid-state reference electrode. Manny setups including the exhibited ones from TU Wien can be customized in construction materials and design to allow the control of temperature, gas environment, light, humidity and parallel measurements of multiple samples.

Huber Scientific specializes in test equipment for super-fast plug and play-type experiments with impedance-, current voltage- and Van der Pauw measurements on thin films, ceramic pellets and porous electrodes. With years of experience in designing high quality and easy to use and maintain experimental equipment, Huber Scientific enables research groups all over the world to focus on what they are doing best: Delivering top notch science.