IV-6 – Synchrotron and Neutron techniques for the study of ion-conducting materials



Organizers: Sandrine Lyonnard (CEA), Gerard Gebel (CEA), Alexei Sokolov (University of Tennessee, Knoxville).

This symposium is a cross-disciplinary symposium focused on research performed using world-class Large Scale Facilities, e.g. Neutron reactors and Synchrotron facilities. It will cover cutting-edge techniques including radiography, elastic and inelastic scattering, diffraction, absorption and spectroscopy used to characterize organic, inorganic and composite materials designed as advanced electrodes and/or electrolytes for conversion and storage devices.

The Neutron and Synchrotron methods provide insights into the structure, composition and ion-transport properties of nanomaterials with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolutions. Moreover, real-time investigations of device components during operation/cycling is becoming increasingly popular because it brings unique information on the evolution of the materials, in terms of basic mechanisms, reaction kinetics, phase transformations, interfacial behaviors and ageing.

The symposium will bring together neutron scientists, X-rays scientists, electrochemists and chemists interested in advances in ex situ, in situ and in operando characterizations. It will stimulate interdisciplinary exchanges beyond the frontiers of specific materials science and application fields. The focus will be put on state-of-the art techniques, possibilities to combine them and/or couple them with other techniques (spectroscopy, microscopy, modeling) for designing next-generation experiments. The symposium will provide opportunities to exchange the world top’s innovation on operando cells, set-ups, protocols and data analysis directed to in-depth understanding of a large variety of materials, including polymers, oxides, composites, alloys, porous materials, nanoparticles, etc.


Abstracts are solicited in, but not necessarily limited to, the following areas:

In this Symposium are also welcome those contributions which cover the topics beyond the above-described areas. This is done to provide the audience with a comprehensive description of Solid State Ionics. If your contribution is difficult to host within the above areas, please do not hesitate to contact directly the Conference Chairmen at ssi21@dii.unipd.it for advice.

List of Invited Speakers