I-7 – “Polymer Electrolytes” - The ubiquity of ions and polymer materials in electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices



Organizers: Maria Forsyth (Deakin University), Jean-Yves Sanchez (University Charles III), Vito Di Noto (University of Padua), Michel Armand (CIC EnergiGUNE), Steve Greenbaum (City University of New York), Masayoshi Watanabe (Yokohama National University), Jelena Popovic (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research), Monika Schönhoff (University of Münster), Yoichi Tominaga (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology).

This Symposium will focus on new materials, ion transport, novel characterization methods and modeling of the following classes of Polymer Electrolytes.

The label “Polymer Electrolyte” (PE) refers to any macromolecular or supramolecular nano-aggregate system characterized by a significant ionic conductivity, usually considered higher than approximately 10−7 S•cm−1. This Symposium takes into consideration “Classic Polymer Electrolytes” (Classic PEs) as classified by Gray [Polymer Electrolytes, RSC Materials Monographs, Cambridge, UK] in 1997, and “Hybrid inorganic-organic polymer Electrolytes” (HIO-PE) [Electrochim. Acta, 57, 4-13 (2011)].

“Classic PEs” comprise:

“Hybrid inorganic-organic polymer Electrolytes (HIO-PE)” include:


Abstracts are solicited in, but not necessarily limited to, the following areas:

In this Symposium are also welcome those contributions which cover the topics beyond the above-described areas. This is done to provide the audience with a comprehensive description of Solid State Ionics. If your contribution is difficult to host within the above areas, please do not hesitate to contact directly the Conference Chairmen at ssi21@dii.unipd.it for advice.

List of Invited Speakers