I-9 – Solid oxide fuel cells and electrolyzers



Organizers: Werner Sitte (Montanuniversität Leoben), Peter Vang Hendriksen (Technical University of Denmark).

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) represent a key technology for the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy with high efficiency and low emission of pollutants. In order to lower the operating temperature and to increase the performance, intense research on new and long-term stable ion- and mixed-conducting materials is accompanying the development of SOFCs. Furthermore, solid oxide electrolyser cells (SOECs) become increasingly important and have different requirements especially with respect to long-term durability.

The Symposium will cover novel cathodes, electrolytes and anodes for SOFCs and SOECs. Materials modelling and studies of fundamentals of transport and reaction, partly performed as in-situ/in-operando-measurements, are further important issues. The symposium will also cover trends/correlations regarding surface kinetics as well as morphology/structuring of electrodes and micro-SOFCs.


Abstracts are solicited in, but not necessarily limited to, the following areas:

In this Symposium are also welcome those contributions which cover the topics beyond the above-described areas. This is done to provide the audience with a comprehensive description of Solid State Ionics. If your contribution is difficult to host within the above areas, please do not hesitate to contact directly the Conference Chairmen at ssi21@dii.unipd.it for advice.

List of Invited Speakers