IV-4 – Point defect chemistry of oxide materials



Organizers: Yoed Tsur (TECHNION, Israel Institute of Technology).

Transport properties in oxides are largely caused by point defects. Oxide materials show a great variety of defect-related properties in bulk and in thin films. Defect concentration depends on doping, cation non-stoichiometry (in complex oxides), oxygen partial pressure and temperature. In addition, interfaces may affect local defect concentration and transport. Following about nine decades of research, great deal of phenomena have been investigated and clarified, and yet many new questions continue to inspire us and drive the research in this field forward. New tools, in-situ measuring techniques and developments in computational methods allow dealing with evermore complex systems, going beyond the dilute limit and discover new puzzling phenomena. The symposium will offer a great opportunity for researchers in the solid state ionics field to present their latest advancements in relation to formation, interaction and control of point defects in oxide materials, related measurement techniques, novel synthesis and densification techniques as well as the relevant basic science.


Abstracts are solicited in, but not necessarily limited to, the following areas:

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