I-2 – Advanced Lithium and Sodium Battery Electrode Materials



Organizers: Cristina Tealdi (University of Pavia), Stefano Passerini (Helmholtz Institute Ulm), Craig Fisher (Japan Fine Ceramics Center).

Lithium batteries are an indispensable form of energy storage for today’s energy intensive society, and they are used in an ever-increasing range of applications from heart pacemakers to mobile devices to electric vehicles. Because of their ubiquity, further advances are needed in terms of efficiency, energy density, power density, and cycle life to improve their performance, lower their cost and reduce their environmental burden. Sodium batteries are also attracting increased attention because of their lower cost, greater safety and potential to be used for stationary applications.

Materials research increasingly relies on the systematic combination of experimental and theoretical methods to understand, optimize, and discover new functional materials. The aim of this session is to showcase how this integrated approach is being used to develop superior Li and Na battery materials with the potential to be used as cathodes or anodes in the next generation of secondary batteries. In particular, the symposium will focus on advances in synthesis, characterization, and materials design based on state-of-the-art theoretical and experimental techniques, for example, wet-chemical methods, first-principles calculations, NMR spectroscopy, synchrotron XRD, and transmission electron microscopy, with a view to promoting their use for rapid and efficient design of better battery materials.


Abstracts are solicited in, but not necessarily limited to, the following areas:

In this Symposium are also welcome those contributions which cover the topics beyond the above-described areas. This is done to provide the audience with a comprehensive description of Solid State Ionics. If your contribution is difficult to host within the above areas, please do not hesitate to contact directly the Conference Chairmen at ssi21@dii.unipd.it for advice.

List of Invited Speakers