The school is designed for PhD students, post-docs and for everyone who is beginning her/his career in the industry or academia and would like to know more about the fundamental aspect and the new developments of Physical Organic Chemistry. The School is centred every year on a different topic, which is analysed considering theory, instrumentation and reactivity-related aspects.

This year the main topic is Soft Matter and the confirmed speakers are:


Fabio BenfenatiFabio Benfenati
The Italian Institute of Technology - Italy
soft materials for biomedical applications






Davide BonifaziDavide Bonifazi
Cardiff University - United Kingdom
synthesis of building blocks for functional soft materials






Mauro DavanzoMauro Davanzo
Category Group R&D Head, Vileda GmbH - Frankfurt - DE
Young chemists in European industries: opportunities and challenges




Rienk EelkemaRienk Eelkema
Technische Universiteit Delft - The Netherlands
responsive soft materials




Alberta FerrariniAlberta Ferrarini
Università di Padova - Italy
order and dynamics of membranes and biomolecules






Nicolas GiusepponeNicolas Giuseppone
Université de Strasbourg - France
self-assembled molecular structures and materials for supramolecular electronics





Silvia GrossSilvia Gross
Università di Padova - Italy
about EU funding





SilviaMarchesanSilvia Marchesan
Università di Trieste - Italy
Hydrogels. Polymeric, supramolecular, smart





Nazario MartinNazario Martin
Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Spain
supramolecular chemistry of carbon nanoforms




Francesca R. NovaraFrancesca R. Novara
Wiley-VCH Weinheim - Germany
scientific publishing






Peter SchreinerPeter Schreiner
Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen - Germany
noncovalent interactions as design elements to affect structure and reactivity






Milo ShafferMilo Shaffer
Imperial College London - United Kingdom
carbon nanostructures






Tell TuttleTell Tuttle
University of Strathclyde - United Kingdom
computational studies of soft materials







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