Curriculum Chemistry

The Chemistry Curriculum stems from an agreement between the University of Giessen (Germany) and our University, whose aim is to award a double degree of "Master in Chemistry" from both Universities. Students enrolled in this curriculum will spend the first semester of the second year at the partner University. They will be granted the double degree if, in this period, they will acquire 30 ECTS. After the first semester the student can prolong his/her stay for another semester and spend the thesis internship in one of the research laboratories of the partner University. Full details on the agreements terms and the rules to be eligible for the double degree can be found in the AGREEMENT and ANNEX, both downloadable from this page.
A maximum of five students can be enrolled in this curriculum each academic year. In order to select the five students, the candidates should formally apply to be selected for this Curriculum. The deadline for the application is April 10th, 2020, at 12.00. All the details and requirements to submit the application and to participate to the ensuing selection can be found in the file "APPLICATION_Chemistry Curriculum" downloadable from this page.