Each student carries out an individual research project under the (co-)supervision of a member of the Collegio dei Docenti. An excellent knowledge of the current state-of-the-art in chemistry can only be obtained by working in a competitive context of excellence. An indication that CDSM is able to provide such a research setting is the result of the latest VQR-analysis (2011-14), which ranks the area of chemistry 3rd overall in Italy. In terms of research excellence (measured by the proportion of excellent publications) chemistry ranks 1st among the large universities. A complete overview of all research lines is available at the websites of DiSC ( and DSF (

Further signs of the excellent research level offered by CDSM are the presence of 4 ERC-grantees in the Collegio dei Docenti, the involvement of several members in Marie Curie Innovative Training Networks and various European COST actions. PhD-students have access to the excellent research infrastructure available at the Departments of Chemical Sciences (DiSC) and Pharmaceutical Sciences (DSF) and are able to gain hands-on experience in handling top-end scientific instrumentation. Worth special mentioning are the availability of clean room facilities, supercomputing facilities and advanced laser spectroscopies. Each PhD-student has access to adequate laboratory and office space, and access to on-line resources.

The research progress of each individual student is monitored by a committee composed of three members, which is appointed by CDSM. Each year the committee evaluates the progress based on a written report and a presentation followed by discussion. The committee writes an annual report, which is accessible also to the student.

Each PhD-student is strongly stimulated to perform secondments in a foreign laboratory. Not only does this serve to acquire skills that are not present in the research group, but it also serves to experience a different cultural and scientific environment.