To contact the Department by phone dial: +39 049 8275285 or 5051 and ask for the person you are looking for or search
this directory.

The main offices of the Department are located at the first floor of the 8-stories building of via Marzolo, 1 - 35131 Padova.

Ask at the reception desk to get directions and the pass to reach the administration offices:

Department Head
Michele Maggini

Department Secretariat
Marco Agnello

Accounting Staff
Emanuela Andreose, Giulia Avitabile, Stefania Borin, Barbara Boscaro, Silvia Guerzoni, Melania Brolis, Gessica Solin, Roberta Dainese

Research, technology and PhD Schools Staff
Daniela Longo, Anna Menna, Laura Paiola

Organization and secretary to the head Staff
Mara Del Maschio, Vanessa D’Epiro, Santo Martino, Nicoletta Tognon

Undergraduate courses Staff
Alessandra Sperti, Laura Cataldo, Carmen Mantovan