Research Facilities at DiSC

The Research Facilities managed at the Department of Chemical Science of the University of Padova include specialist expertise, top-level equipment and infrastructures for the development of chemistry and interdisciplinary research projects. The synthesis can be performed in controlled atmospheres, clean environments or extreme conditions. Equipment for the management of the ambient conditions allow to assembly devices and prototypes to test the functional properties of the materials and interfaces. The elemental composition can be studied on the whole periodic table. The molecular nature of matter is investigated by the widest part of the instrumental park. Inter-molecular interactions giving rise to the shapes of the condensed states of matter and to the inter-phase phenomena are managed through the separative chemistry instruments, the equipment for structural characterization and the surface analyses. Physical properties of macroscopic systems are measured by commercial equipment and home-made instruments developed to test the frontier observables, diagnostic for the correlation between the chemical structure and the functional properties of materials. Computational chemistry is implemented in an ad-hoc developed lab. Experimental research is supported by the international scientific literature access, managed by the library housed inside the department and by the support of the DiSC technical laboratories, which include a glass-blowing workshop, two electronic laboratories and two mechanical workshops. Equipment are daily managed by dedicated permanent staves and research team that normally include international participation. The facilities also provide commercial services to industry, where possible. Instruments are available to researchers on a walk-up basis.

Some examples of the DiSC Research Facilities are grouped on the following links:

updated: July 2016

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