Research projects

Highly skilled excellence in research at DiSC is shown by the large amount of funded projects from several international and national institutions dedicated to fundamental and applied research on chemistry  for energy, sensors and catalysis, life science and material science. Since the founding of DiSC, several European projects (ERC,  collaborative research projects and Marie Curie networks) have been dedicated to the study of chemical systems for energy, catalysis and nanomedicine. In the last five years, DiSC has hosted the national coordination of numerous national projects (PRIN,  FIRB)  dedicated to chemistry, and will soon host a FARE project ( on nanoplasmonic and photochemical.  Several projects have been also financed by private entities (AIRC Foundations, CARIPARO, CARIPLO) .
DiSC intends to promote  the recruitment of high profile researchers in the field of fundamental and applied chemistry, to expand  the training offer and the degree of internationalization of its Master and PhD courses, and to increase further the participation to novel  European and national funding programs.


International projects


National projects