Summer and winter schools

European-Winter School on Physical Organic Chemistry (E-WiSPOC)


The European-Winter School on Physical Organic Chemistry (E-WiSPOC), at its tenth edition, constitutes an unique opportunity to gain expertise in the field of Organic Chemistry. If you are interested in WHY and not only HOW chemical reactions proceed you MUST attend this School. If you consider Physical Organic Chemistry an obsolete discipline you are wrong: it is more alive than ever!


In assessing research in Chemistry in the UK in 2003 the international advisory panel has strongly recommended to increase investment in Physical Organic Chemistry as the discipline that started as “the application of quantitative tools taken (historically) from physical chemistry to the solution of problems in mechanisms or in understanding properties has evolved to complex molecular problems, and is now being applied in studying catalysis, biochemistry, photochemistry, reactivity in the vapour phase, surface science, materials sciences, and other areas”. Indeed, when considering a nice article on molecular biology, drug design, nanosytems, catalysis we observe that the experimental interpretation is based on a Physical-Organic-Chemistry approach.


The School is part of the cultural initiatives of the Organic Division of the Italian Chemical Society .