Elemental Composition

The whole periodic table of the elements is covered in the Elemental Composition Analysis Research Facility at DiSC. Elemental composition of the synthesized molecules and a wide range of investigated materials is determined by:

  HPIC-ICP-MS Agilent 7700e


The 7700 Series redefines the benchmark for ICP-MS: more productive, simpler to use, higher sensitivity, lower backgrounds, better interference removal, increased flexibility, easier to maintain and service. All within the smallest commercial ICP-MS mainframe ever made. The new 7700e offers a simplified and easy to use system for routine analysis. Featuring a new, configurable MassHunter software platform and a host of hardware developments, including a new frequency-matching RF generator and 3rd generation Octopole Reaction System (ORS3), 7700e mainframes provide unrivalled levels of performance and ease of use, while delivering results you can trust – even in the toughest sample matrices. The HPIC provides speciation of elements.

contacts: paolo.pastore@unipd.it
location at DiSC: 210-07-014



The portable µ-XRF equipment is actually applied for the on-site investigation of Cultural Heritage Artefacts. Bruker Artax µ-XRF is a truly portable instrument μ-XRF EDS (energy dispersive) designed for non-destructive and non-invasive analysis of samples in the field of Cultural Heritage, in complete safety for the operator and without being in direct contact with the sample.

contacts: renzo.bertoncello@unipd.it
location at DiSC: 210-04-019

  Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)


A portable LIBS equipment is actually applied for the on-site investigation of Cultural Heritage Artefacts. The LIBS technique is based on the ionization process of the matter induced by the laser pulse. The spectrum of the emitted light during the electron recombination is collected and analysed for the study of the material.

contacts: renzo.bertoncello@unipd.it
location at DiSC: 215-03-048

  CHNS Analyzer

The determination of the Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Sulfur content in solid and liquid samples is performed at DiSC in a dedicated laboratory. A Specialized Senior Technician manages an internal CHNS analysis service for the DiSC members and  commercial service to external requests.
The equipment is based on the:


 Flash 2000 Thermo Scientific Analyzer


contacts: analisielementare.chimica@unipd.it
location at DiSC: 215-03-017