Dottorandi XXXII Ciclo




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Ahmad Shah MasoodScienze ChimicheORIAN LauraFilling the Structure-Reactivity Gap: in silico multiscale approaches to rationalize the design of molecular catalysts (STREGA)
Bellato FedericaScienze FarmaceuticheSALMASO STEFANODevelopment of targeted nanocarriers as versatile tools for site-selective
Bellucci LucaScienze ChimicheARMELAO LidiaDevelopment of new lanthanide based luminescent
Carraro DavideScienze ChimicheLICINI GiuliaDevelopment of new environmentally friendly catalysts for oxidation
Cristofari CamillaScienze FarmaceuticheSISSI ClaudiaDNA G-quadruplex vs RNA G-quadruplex: overlapping or divergent targets??
Częścik JoannaScienze ChimicheSCRIMIN PaoloIrreversibly protein-functionalized gold nanoparticles for oligonucleotide cleavage and delivery
De Biasi FedericoScienze ChimicheRASTRELLI FedericoMolecule-assisted NMR
Dengo NicolaScienze ChimicheGROSS SilviaUnveil less understood surfaces of crystalline inorganic colloids: a theoretical end experimental
Denis William Laurent M  Scienze ChimicheLICINI GiuliaTowards Lignin Valorisation: Development of Vanadium-based Catalytic Systems for C-C Oxidative Cleavage in
Fei WenwenScienze ChimicheMARAN FlavioSynthesis, Properties, and Redox Catalytic Performance of Ligand Protected Metal
Lyu YanchaoScienze ChimicheSCRIMIN PaoloDevelopment of methodology that allows for the precision synthesis of a new class of nanostructures able to selectively recognize and detect target
Marafon GiuliaScienze ChimicheMORETTO AlessandroNovel peptide-mimic foldamers: synthesis, stimuli-responsive functions and their applications in catalysis, drug-delivery and supramolecular folding
Margiotta EnricoScienze FarmaceuticheMORO StefanoNovel Insights in computational molecular modeling and G-protein-coupled receptors ligands design
Menilli LucaScienze FarmaceuticheMIOLO GiorgiaIn vitro and ex vivo studies of the photoantiproliferative activity and photostability of biological active compounds
Morillas Becerril LucíaScienze ChimicheMANCIN FabrizioSmart, self-organized polymeric nanoparticles for targeted delivery of Nucleic
Prevedello AndreaScienze ChimicheBONCHIO MarcellaIntegrated molecular systems for artificial
Rosa-Gastaldo DanieleScienze ChimicheMAGGINI MicheleMonolayer protected gold nanoparticles: applications in sensing and
Vettorato ElisaScienze FarmaceuticheREALDON NicolaDevelopment of pharmaceutical forms based on Cannabis extracts for innovative clinical
Zanforlin EnricoScienze FarmaceuticheZAGOTTO GiuseppeDesign and synthesis of novel chemical entities with anticancer action based on the modulation of the PP2A-SET complex with structural and functional