Complex and Data-driven Chemistry 2024

1. General Info and Purposes

The purpose of the Master's degree program is to introduce the fundamental concepts of "data-driven chemistry", which includes statistical learning, chemometrics, and design of experiments. These concepts will be contextualized within the broader context of a Master's degree program in chemistry. The program has identified some fundamental areas where data-driven approaches are most applicable. These areas include the collection of chemical data, the synthesis and design of materials and catalysts, the design of synthetic strategies, and the modelling and study of complex chemical systems.

2. Requirements

Topics you should know to understand the subjects taught in the Master Degree of Complex and Data Driven Chemistry

Mathematics: Calculus, Geometry and Algebra
Physics: classical mechanics and electromagnetism
Analytical Chemistry: basic principles of chromatography, spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry
Physical Chemistry: thermodynamics and quantum chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry: solid knowledge of general chemistry and chemical kinetics; basic principles of solid-state chemistry, coordination chemistry, and complex ion equilibria.
Organic Chemistry: structures properties of organic molecules, reactivity of mono and bi-functional organic molecules.

 3. Overview of the Courses

The detailed programs of the courses can be found here.