Dopo la laurea

The profession of the Materials Scientist

Since 1999, the graduates in Materials Science at Padua University are holding important roles in all strategic technological sectors, the public as well as in the private organizations of various type as multinationals, small and medium-sized companies:

  • Heads of research and development
  • Product development and production managers
  • Process engineers
  • Quality supervision
  • Administrators and founders of technology companies
  • Patent consultants
  • University lecturers and researchers in public bodies

Employment data of master's degree graduates in Materials Science in Padua

  • 5 years after graduation 89% of people have found a job or are involved in some post-graduate activities, just 11 % are looking for a new job position. The majority of workers obtains a permanent contract. 
  • From the data collected by AlmaLaurea, less than 20% opts for a research or education career while large part of the graduates covers a position inside industry. 
  • Particularly, they find a job in chemical and energetic sectors but also mechanical and precision engineering. Generally, the sector is mainly the private one: over the period of 5 years after graduation less than 15% cover a position in the public one.

Where graduates in Materials Science in Padua work?

Job situation

One year after graduation, about half of graduates participates to some post-graduation activities. 

Which are these actives? PhD, activity supported by scholarship, postgraduate school, master, internship, and similar. The three most quoted are research fellowships, activities supported by some scholarships and the PhD. 

About a half of these people, it is involved in PhD courses here in Padova but also in Milano, Roma,Trieste, Ferrara and Trento or all around the Europe in the most important Universities of Spain, France, Denmark, Great Britain, and alsooutside the European zone for example the university of Melbourne or University of British Columbia in Canada.

5 years after graduation 70% of people has found a job, 10 % is looking for a job and about 20% is involved in post-graduation activities.

Concerning the type of contract, usually one year after graduation just 1/3 of the graduates receives a permeant contract while the large part has a fixed-term contract. After 5 years, the large part obtains a permanent contract, we talk about 75%.

Data Sources 

The data analysis are taken from AlmaLaurea, the Linkedin group of Material Science in Padova ( and Alumni UniPd association. (Data elaborated by Dr. Anna Fortunato)