During the three years of course attendance, each student is required to take and pass the following courses:

  1. at least four  courses of 24 hr each (each corresponding to 3 credits of classroom lessons) in English, located in the first two years. These lessons will have a leading teacher internal to the Padova  University, who will submit the program for its approval of the Consiglio Direttivo (CD). His task will be to propose an allocation of the 24 hr between one or more teachers (internal or external to University of Padova). The teacher in charge must also collect signatures to be affixed in the relevant register of the lessons. At the end of each course the student must pass an examination to be, in ways that were previously set by the teacher and approved by the CD;
  2. at least two additional 12 hr modules arranged by the University of Padova aiming at a professional training (eg. STEPS modules). These modules will be preferentially followed during the second and third years of school attendance;
  3. at least 10 hr of seminars and / or cycles of seminars organized by the Departments involved in the SIMN Course. The frequency of the same is self-certified by the same student.


Students' accomplishments:

  • At the end of the first year of attendance must submit a brief report from which one can infer the background  of the research undertaken, which will be reviewed by a monitoring committee (CM) appointed by the CD for the specific doctoral cycle;
  • At the end of the second year of attendance must submit a report on research activities, which will be examined by the specific CM, and give a  seminar internal to the SIM School ( 20 minutes) assessed by the CM;
  • At the end of the third year must submit a draft of the structuring in chapters of the thesis, conduct an interview with the CM and a public seminar of 20 minutes (15 minutes + 5 for discussion). Following the judgment of the CM, and all the reports produced in three years, the CD will decide on the admission of the student to the final thesis defence.

SIMN Course will be offering six courses every two years. In particular, two in the area of chemistry, two  in the area of physics and two in the area of engineering, chosen by the CD from a list offered by the three Departments of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy and Engineering as part of their educational programming. Among these, the student must attend and pass one of them for each area within the first two years. The six courses will be activated in alternate years.
The CD will assign each student the three courses on the basis of the research project, the previous study curriculum, and after a colloquium with the student and his supervisor. These courses will also be offered to students of other  graduate schools of the university.
The assignment of the course to each student will typically be done in February of each year, before the start of the second semester.
The fourth course will be freely chosen by the student between the remaining courses offered by the SIMN Course or among those offered by other related graduate schools (eg Molecular Science, Physics and Astronomy, Engineering) and undergraduate courses. The eventual choice of undergraduate courses should aim to overcome any lack of training. However, the principle remains that in this case only the total frequency of 24 hr will be recognized.
Intensive Summer Schools offered externally to the university of Padova will be allowed and subsidized by  specific funding from  the SIMN Course, but not recognized for the purposes of the compulsory teaching load.