General admission procedure

Important ! CDSM has two curricula: Chemical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The fellowships are divided amongst the two curricula and admission occurs through separate procedures. A candidate can apply only for one curriculum.

The admission procedure for the regular fellowships is based on three parts:

A written examination (max. 60 points).

From a database 100 multiple-choice questions (in english) are selected by the computer subdivided in the following topics:

Curriculum Chemical Sciences

Analytical chemistry  10 questions
Organic chemistry   20 questions
Inorganic chemistry20 questions
Physical chemistry20 questions
Pharmaceutical science20 questions
Biotechnology   10 questions

Curriculum Pharmaceutical Sciences 

Analytical chemistry 10 questions
Organic chemistry   20 questions
General chemistry 20 questions
Pharmaceutical chemistry20 questions
Pharmaceutical technology20 questions
Biotechnology  10 questions

A detailed description of the contents of each area can be downloaded here (updated 14 May 2019). A representative example of a test can be found here (answers are available separately here). Important ! The test example refers to the admission procedure of previous years, which was unified for the two curricula.

Each candidate can freely choose which questions to answer, but should respond to 60 questions in total (no penalty is given for a wrong answer). In case more questions are answered, the first 60 questions will be considered, independent on whether the answers are correct or wrong. The correction procedure is computerized and is anonymous. Only after correction the result is associated to the name of the candidate. In the last three years (2016-2019) around 75% of the candidates passed the threshold value for admission to the interview.

B. Evaluation of the ‘titoli’ (max. 20 points).

Points are assigned to:

1. MSc-thesis (or draft – 2 points): For applicants that are not yet in the possession of their degree: those that will be awarded a degree by 30 September 2019 have to submit an extended summary of the MSc-thesis (max. 4 pages) signed by the applicant and the supervisor

2. Curriculum (15 points): 1. A list of exams of the entire academic career (MSc and BSc) including the scores of each exam needs to be provided. Documentation containing the final graduation score (if available)

3. Pubblications (2 points): Only (already published) scientific publications indexed on ISI/Scopus or those accepted in final format (evidenced by a DOI) will be considered. Meeting abstracts will not be considered

4. Other (1 point): Candidates may support their application with:

    1. A maximum of 2 letters of recommendation from Italian or foreign researchers
    2. Certificates useful for the assessment of the candidates' preparation (TOEFL, GRE, etc.)

C. Interview (max. 20 points).

The interview will be conducted by the CDSM admission committee. During the interview knowledge of English will be tested.