Curriculum pharmaceutical sciences


Candidates for all fellowships will be selected following the general admission procedure. The only exception is the selection of candidates for the fellowship reserved for students with a non-Italian degree, which takes place following a different admission procedure takes place.

A. Fellowships reserved for candidates with a degree obtained at a non-Italian University
Selection of candidates for this position takes place following the admission procedure reserved for foreign candidates. Candidates that decide to concur for this position cannot participate in the selection procedure for the other fellowships

a) 1 scholarship funded by UNIPD.

B. Regular Fellowships
Selection of candidates for these fellowships takes place following the general admission procedure.

Fellowships without defined research theme
a) Scholarships funded by UNIPD: 2
b) Scholarships funded by the CARIPARO foundation: 1
c) Fellowship without scholarship (posto senza borsa): 1

Fellowships with defined research theme
d) 1 Scholarship financed by the Dipartimento di Scienze del Farmaco on the project AIRC 2018 Progetto di ricerca "Adaptable Non-Covalent Antibody Drug Conjugates for Therapy and Diagnosis"
Topic: Study of antibody based drug delivery system for the delivery of anticancer drugs
Supervisor: Prof. Gianfranco Pasut (
Location: Padova

e) 1 Scholarship financed by the Dipartimento di Scienze del Farmaco on the project PRIN 2017 Progetto di ricerca "Targeting Hedgehog pathway: Virtual screening identification and sustainable synthesis of novel Smo and Gli inhibitors and their pharmacological drug delivery strategies for improved therapeutic effects in tumors"
Topic: Development of advanced "smart" nanotechnological systems for drug delivery
Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Salmaso (
Location: Padova